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Vacuum Systems


Vacuum Only

Compressed Air-Powered Vacuums

Complete vacuum units are available in 55 and 30 gallon units. The Dual Venturi complete vacuum unit, (55 gallon size) increases vacuum flow 63% for tough pick-up jobs.

Transform your drums into high-performance compressed air-powered vacuums. These vacuum heads mount on standard 55 or 30 gallon drums (minimum 19 guage). Designed to handle your clean-up problems with speed and simplicity.

Compressed air powered VacuumsCompressed air vacs

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Blast, Vacuum and Recovery (Vacuum Blasting)

Blast and Recovery (BRS)

Blast and Recover BRS blastersBRS


Mini BRS

The Schmidt® BRS is designed to maximize the use of a wide range of recyclable abrasives, including steel grit, to remove coatings and corrosion when cleaning steel or concrete surfaces. Blast and recover simultaneously, or blast and then vacuum abrasive independently. Eliminate dust clouds, poor visibility and costly, time-consuming cleanup. Ideal for sensitive jobsites, indoor blasting, building restoration, lead or asbestos abatement, bridge and road maintenance, barge and ship cleaning, and more.
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Vacuum Reclaim Systems

Modular Vacuum Reclaim System By Schmidt®

Modular Vacuum


Efficiently and easily transport new and/or used abrasive to any hopper, blast tank or disposal unit


Schmidt® Modular Vacuum Reclaim System is a convenient and portable solution used to move small or large volumes of abrasive for either recycling or removal. The system's drum dust collector easily separates dust and debris from usable\ "good" abrasive more efficiently than manual sieves and is significantly less fatiguing for operators. Adaptable to any existing stationary or portable blasting operation, the Modular Vacuum Reclaim System improves production and minimizes downtime in your application. Available as a full system or individual components.

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