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Power Tools

MBX™ Surface Treatment System
Metal Blaster System

MBX is a patented surface treatment system. The MBX Metal Blaster System consists of a pneumatic or electric power tool and replaceable wire brush belts (coarse, medium, fine, and stainless steel) and rubber eraser wheels (vinyl zapper). Once the MBX Belt is in motion, centrifugal force causes the belt to tighten and run smoothly and gently as if suspended on a cushion of air. This makes it possible to easily and safely process corners, sharp edges, difficult contours and even welding seams.

The MBX Metal Blaster System is the ultimate power tool for the removal of undercoatings, seam sealers, mesh, corrosion, rust, paint, vinyl decals and pin strips.

The outstanding advantage of the MBX Metal Blaster System is its application in hard-to-reach areas such as welded seams, rivets, bolts, nuts, over holes and on sharp edges. The newly introduced 11mm (0.4 inch) wire brush belts make working in 90 degree angles even easier than before!

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MBX™ Bristle Blaster
Metal Blaster System

The bristle blasting process is a new innovation that both removes corrosion and generates an anchor profile (also known as "anchor pattern") by using a specially designed rotary bristle tool. This tool consists of hardened wire bristle tips that are bent forward and dynamically tuned to a hand-held power tool which operates at approximately 2,500 rpm. The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy. Immediately after the bristle tips strike the corroded steel surface, they retract from the surface, which results in both corrosion removaland a micro-indentation that exposes fresh metal surface.

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Descaling Equipment - Hand Held
Descaler, Hand HeldThe Mini-Flushplate, with it's multiple interchangeable abrasive heads, is one of the most versatile tool systems available today. Employing the 3M Roto-peen Hub, the Mini-Flushplate performs like a hand held controlled shot blast machine, capable of achieving SSPC SPEC-11 cleanliness and is Navsea approved. The Hammer hub, when used, performs like a high speed needlegun. The most aggressive hub is the Cutter hub, which is capable of removing non-skid and even scaryfying concrete.

The Mini-Flushplate is a lightweight rotary scaling tool engineered to perform dust-free surface preparation on a wide range of surfaces with minimal vacuum requirements.

The FX Tool was designed for only one reason - PRODUCTION. The FX Tool, with it's interchangeable abrasive heads, is the most aggressive midsized tool available today. Employing the 3M Roto-peen Hub, the FX Tool performs like a hand held shot blast machine, capable of achieving SSPC SPEC-11 cleanliness. The Hammer hub, when used, performs like a high-speed needlegun. The most aggressive hub is the Cutter hub, which is used for removing non-skid, scarifying concrete, and when a nasty job just has to get done!

The FX Tool was designed specifically for the contractor as a heavy duty high performance work horse.

Complies with OSHA and EPA regulations for hazardous coatings removal.

Descaling Equipment - Walk Behind

Descaling Push walk behindThe Descobrader offers the same applications as the Mini-flushplate and the FX Tool in a convenient walk behind model. The multiple abrasive heads allow for a variety of applications, including SSPC SPEC-11. The optional dust shrouds make it possible to be productive and work in a clean environment. The Descobrader is offered in four different models to meet any power preference. Quick head change outs, ease of operation, versatility, and low maintenance makes this a machine that should be in every tool inventory!Multiple Abrasive Heads

Dust free capabilities comply with OSHA regulations for hazardous coating removal. One man operation, easily maneuvered, high production. Multiple abrasive heads. 30 second head change out.

Needle Scalers

Norton Sandblasting Equipment's pneumatic needle/chisel scalers are completely convertible to go from needle to chisel applications. Typical uses: de-rusting and cleaning of metals, peening of welded joints, cleaning castings, cleaning weld slag, removing barnacles, removing paint,rust, and dirt, chipping stone, concrete and brick.

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Rotary Peening Tools

Rotary Peening ToolsNorton Sandblasting Equipment's rotary peening tools can be obtained with either pneumatic or electric drive. The peening tool's rotating a hub enables the shot particles on the flap to impact against the work surface, mechanically fracturing and removing the scale or old coating. Our peening tools provide bare metal surfaces for welding or excellent anchor patters for coatings. The ergonomically designed dust shroud conforms to the surface and efficiently transfers dust and paint chips to the vacuum. And our needle scalers conform to OSHA and EPA standards for worker exposure.