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Laser Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Restoration, and Conservation

For Industrial Applications:


For Restoration & Conservation:

Laser System 1000 Watt
CL1000 Laser
  laser for conservation

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The innovative laser technology of our laser systems distributes thousands of focused laser pulses per second onto a contamination layer. The powerful single laser beam pulses are linearly deflected and placed adjacent to each other. Most of the laser energy is being absorbed by the surface layer and is directly transformed into thermal energy. This energy vaporizes existing contaminations and removes them effectively from the substrate. The higher the absorption factor, the faster the process.

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laser for conservation of art
Florence, Baptistery,
Gates of Paradise, gilded bronze

Laser Cleaning Graphic

Lasersystem CL 1000

Most Powerful hand held laser on the market

Super powerful 1000W Nd:YAG, diode pumped, q-switched laser cleaning unit designed to deliver performance for a wide range of production intensive applications.

Features include digital controls, internal cooling, quite operations and a diode module warranted for 10,000 hours. The unit produces a robust laser beam with a maximum power output of over 800 kW per pulse.


There are four main advantages
in using laser technology:

Minimal invasiveness: the laser is characterized by the absence of physical contact between the instrument and the surface to be treated; it does not require the use of chemicals or of abrasive materials.

High degree of control: the removal of the degradation layer affects only a few microns thickness per pulse.

Selectivity: materials absorb the optic radiation of solid-state lasers (Nd:YAG) according to their color, which makes the action of the laser even more selective

High precision: the cleaning process affects only the area illuminated by the laser beam, which may be defined depending on theactual needs. There is no effect on adjacent materials.

Laser cleaning image   Laser Conservation statue
Restoration of the wooden crucifix in the church of Santa Maria of the Soul in Rome
laser clean before and after   laser restoration pic