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Airless Blast

Solutions for the Industrial and Automotive Industries

Rim Blaster picThe RB2002 Rim blaster has been updated into a robust, very hard working modern cleaning machine!  With the twin overhead 20 hp direct drive center fed blast wheels, we have the power to clean the worst rusty, painted or powder coated steel truck wheels.
This thing is a beast that will get most wheels
clean in less than four minutes!

Our engineers have added an air wash to help keep the blast media clean. There is now a unique rubber roll up door that is quick, safe and keeps the shot in the blaster. The door has double hand controls for even more safety along with our standard E stop. There are wear resistant replaceable plates throughout the already tough Manganese alloy cabinet. All the roller shaft bearing a protected from intrusion by blast media.
Available options include:
1. Pneumatic rim lift (can be either right or left side lift)
2. VFD variable speed drives to allow the blast motors to be slowed down for delicate metal.
3. A hoist with a mono-rail beam to carry wheels to and from the blaster.
4. Fresh air vents that allow air to flow thru the cabinet for complete dust removal.

Each blaster comes with a dust collector matched to the blaster for highly efficient dust removal

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Automobile Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Automotive blaster
  • MB2000 Blaster
  • Metal Finishing
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Polishing
  • Buffing

Auto Block and Head Cleaner

  • Block and head
  • Alternator and starter housings
  • Water pump housings
  • CVs, valves, connecting rods
  • Machined metal parts

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Just put in the parts, close the lid, set the timer and go do something else!

Block and Head Blaster picture

Vibratory Shaker picture

Head and Block Blasters
Clean engine block and/or heads--
perfect for rebuilding engines

The LSBH-4 cleans eight heads or one block

Vibratory Shakers

A popular tool for automotive and industrial cleaning. Clean grease and grime, de-burr, and polish parts quickly,quietly and efficiently.
How do they work?

Tumble Blaster picture

Structural Blaster picture
Tumble Blasters
Parts cleaning for automobile, industrial,
and mechanical equipment
Structural Blasters
Structural steel moves over the conveyor as blasting media is propelled at a controlled, continuous rate set for a desired cleaning standard.

airless blasterThe MB2000 is small, compact and powerful. It quickly cleans parts to a bright metal finish and cuts cleaning costs dramatically. Parts are loaded into the blaster basket, the door is closed and the cleaning cycle timer is set to the desired time. After the cleaning cycle is complete, clean parts are removed from the basket and another load of dirty parts is placed in the basket.