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The Thompson Valve II Extended Life (TVII XL™) is the latest innovation in the industry-leading Thompson® Valve line. It is engineered for maximum durability and life in the harshest applications, performing best when used with the most aggressive abrasives such as aluminum oxide and steel grit. No other valve offers the performance and durability of the TVII XL.

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United States
Government Agencies

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Norton Sandblasting Equipment has provided industrial blast equipment and supplies to the United States Government for more than 35 years. U.S. Government inquiries:

GSA Contract# 47QSWA19D001U

Rick's Restorations

American Restoration History Channel

When Rick Dale

needed to upgrade his sandblaster, he called on Norton Sandblasting Equipment. Dave Norton stopped by to meet Rick and the American Restoration crew when he was in Las Vegas for a trade show. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to provide equipment and techniques to help resolve their restoration blasting challenges.

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Dry Air Moisture SeparatorMoisture

in your compressed air is a big problem! It makes the abrasive in your blast machine damp or wet, causing the abrasive flow from the machine to be uneven and reduce or even completely block media flow. The operator may need to open the media valve to get more grit, thus wasting the grit. Moist abrasive media can adhere to the internal components of the blaster, and when it dries, it can be difficult to remove! We have solutions!

Empire Profinish Blast Cabinet image

Empire Ergoblast Cabinet

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Norton Sandblasting Equipment

Knowledgeable Staff Since 1973

We supply many types and sizes of sandblasting equipment and sandblast supplies, including: abrasives / blast media, blast rooms, nozzles, couplings, wet blasters, sand blast cabinets, abrasive blasting equipment, portable blasters, dust and fume collectors, blast machines, parts washers, sponge blast, dry ice blasters, baking soda blast cleaning systems, air supplied helmets / hoods, hose, vacuum systems, safety equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), power tools, reclaim systems, and much more. We're leading in automation and robotic technologies. We offer quality commercial sand blasting equipment for sale at affordable prices. We sell industrial blast equipment and replacement parts from industry leaders such as RPB® Nova™, Schmidt® Axxiom, Empire®, Clemco®, Monti® MBX™, Sponge-Jet®, Nederman®, Adapt Laser®, and Ice-Tech.®

save on Filter cartridgesWhen should you replace your breathing air filter?

Generally, the filter cartridge should be replaced after a period of 3 months based on a 40 hr week. The filter cartridge must be replaced immediately if the following exist:

  • The presence of odor and/or tastes in the air being supplied to the respirator.
  • Presence of moisture at the outlet fittings.
  • Large pressure drop across the filter.

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Blast Pot Restoration

Blaster restorationDoes your current blast pot need replacement parts or restoration? We have what you need to make your blast pot look and function like new again. Click here for details.


Nova 2000 Blast Hood Nova 3 Blast HelmetRPB® Nova 3 Air-Fed Blast Hoods

RPB® Nova 2000 Respirator Blast Helmets

Norton Sandblasting

Surface Preparation

For Various Substrate Materials

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Let us help you with all your surface preparation equipment and supply needs- create an anchor pattern or remove paint, rust, mold, coatings, grease, contaminants, soot, burrs, flash, scale, water deposits, carbon, casting material and more from metal, wood, brick, stone, glass, concrete, etc. We can help you with your toughest abrasive or cleaning challenge.


Paint Booths

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by Global Finishing Solutions

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