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Blast Pot Restoration


Has your Portable Blaster worked hard (and it shows)?

With proper use and care, blast pots from Norton Sandblasting Equipment will provide many years of cleaning, rust removal, paint removal, surface preparation and more. Our blasters are built to be used in industrial environments! However, there will come a time your blaster will need replacement parts and if your blast conditions are especially challenging, it may need a full or partial restoration. Norton Sandblasting Equipment supplies the replacement parts you need to make your blast pot look and function like new again! We can even do the work for you!

Take a look at the before and after pictures of a Schmidt® blaster we restored for a customer....
this refurbished blast pot is like new!

blaster restored to new    before and after blast pot

before pic blast pot    after pic blast pot restored

Here are some of the parts that were replaced in this Schmidt 6.5 cu. ft. portable blaster overhaul:
(For your repairs and restorations, ensure you select the right parts for your blaster's size and type.)
Click here to view Schmidt portable blaster diagrams.
Click here for the complete parts list in numerical order.

Thompson Valve II
(Thompson Valve II Rebuild Kits also available)
Deadman Control, Pneumatic G2
Pop-up with Stem
Pop-up Gasket

Auto Air Valve Repair Kit
Pneumatic Control Valve Repair Kit
Hose and Hose Clamps
Manway Gasket
Ball Valves
Eliminex Element Replacement (optional, but recommended for dry air)
Tank Couplings
Breather Vent
Blast Hose
QD Blast Hose Coupling
Nozzle Holder
Twinline Assembly

Many popular parts are available for sale online.